Breaking the News

This evening we took a trip up to the yard to see Max, it is the first time we've seen him since I got the good news that we could buy him. He's had some issues with lameness on and off since Christmas, so I've been giving him a bit of a break to try... Continue Reading →

Starting alone.

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. At least that's how it feels. I recently made a decision to change career due to my mental health challenges I've been facing for some time. Only back in September was I formally diagnosed and started on medication. I have severe anxiety and moderate depression.... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of Our Journey.

Yesterday was emotional, like the most emotional I've ever been; I was borderline hysterical. My dreams came true where I never believed possible when I was granted the opportunity to buy the horse of my dreams. My heart-horse. I wrote all about Max and I, how we came together and what he's done for me... Continue Reading →

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