Living The Dream

Our journey began back in the Autumn of 2016. I was back in the saddle after countless years of arthritic disability and 6 months prior had my first total hip replacement. I hadn’t ridden in 20 years and my body is stiff, broken and in need of much re-learning. Together we have achieved great things in a short amount of time. Max. My one in a million heart-horse I never expected. I took lessons to retrain my muscles and learn to ride again. Every two weeks wasn’t enough, I needed more so I took a loan. A bolshy little Haflinger gelding eyeballed me warily over the stall door, sizing me up. He made me smile. Our first tack up was a battle. He was teasing and testing – still weighing me up, checking if I was worthy. I was determined. In 3 months he taught me more about riding and horses than I could ever imagine. We bonded. He gave me everything from his heart to his soul and I gave him mine in return. Max is my hero. Saved from the dark recesses of my own mind and deep issues with anxiety, he came into my life just as I needed him the most. An offer of work pulled us apart, my heart was broken, I was miserable and slipping back into the darkness with no hope in sight. A throw away comment from a friend changed everything. I made an inquiry into buying him from the school, never daring to hope or dream that it would be possible. One email changed everything and I’ll never forget it. My heart stopped, afraid to beat, my lungs refused to breathe in case it changed everything. Max could be mine…Max will be mine.

Join us on our new journey, the start of a new adventure. Together at last.

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