First Hack in a while.


With saving every little bit of extra cash I have, to squirrel away to pay for Max, I have had to stop lessons and recreation riding on a regular basis. It sucks. It’s really hard not being at the stables as regularly as I was when I had him on loan and taking lessons. It’s awful, because I miss our time together a lot and this saving up is killing me. I know it’s a great lesson for our daughter, but Max is so much more than just a material object, he is my therapy and not being around him like I was is really tough going.

Earlier in the week I was chatting to my friend who’s been having a really tough time lately with life in general. I totally sympathise when life is a total bitch and worst it ALWAYS kicks you when you’re down. I wanted to let her know that she has a friend anytime because we both put up with a lot of crap at times and I get it, so I asked if she fancied riding out with me on a hack this weekend and thankfully she was delighted to. I like spending time with her, she’s smart, funny and great company and so easy to get along with – effortless friendships are wonderful. We’d talked about her riding Max sometime because she was keen to see what he was like and we used to take lessons together in semi-privates when I would ride him and always thought she’s enjoy his movement and personality. Today was the day – yipee!

I took out the school’s lovely little Norwegian Fjord called Urby, who also just happens to be Max’s best friend. I’d never ridden this lovely little pony before, but he’s so sweet and I’d heard great things and he didn’t disappoint. He’s just lovely and compared to Max, a dream to mount because he stands nice and still haha.


Isn’t he a cutie? We took them out for a lovely hack around the woods with another friend of mine who works on the yard, she was our escort and it was really nice the three of us just hanging out and chatting and really nice for my two friends to get to know each other a bit better too. The weather was lovely too, sunny and balmy, perfect riding conditions.

We walked, we trotted and we went for canter. My first proper canter that didn’t feature my boy getting all hot and naughty and doing it against my wishes. I asked Urby to go and he went and he was smooth as butter. He earned lots of fuss and praise and thanks from me for being a trooper.


As we were riding, two utter plebs on dirt bikes came speeding out of nowhere down one of the tracks across our path as we approached. I cannot commend those horses enough. Max and Urby didn’t bat and eyelid, they stood and not a hoof went out of place. Mr Darcy was also incredible, he was right next to those bikes as they tore past him and he and my friend L handled it like pros, he danced a little at being spooked, but he stood, they passed and he carried on after like the star he is. I am so grateful to those horses for trusting us and being so steady in nature, I wouldn’t have blamed any one of them for rearing or bolting because it happened suddenly and they were blindsided, they couldn’t see these horrible, noise things approach because we were in the woods.

Idiots like those need a good kicking, it’s perfectly clear EVERYWHERE in the park that horses frequent the area and with 3 stable yards in a 5 mile radius, easily, that’s a lot of horses using that area to hack out in.


When we got back to the yard I spent a little time with my boy giving him and Urby fusses and promised I’d be back to see him soon because I want nothing more than to spend time with him, giving him a brush and rubs and just continuing to connect and maybe even reconnect as i’m not seeing him so much.

I long so hard for the day he’s all mine and I can dote on him and spend all the time I want with him. My amazing boy! It’s his birthday in a couple of weeks and I plan to buy him a nice likit for his stall and a boredom buster – he deserves it 🙂 17 yrs young mate ❤


Haffy Addict



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