Buying a Horse…

Is clearly not as simple as you first may think, honestly, just getting the money together for the fee can be a total nightmare as I’ve found out. As you all probably know, I asked about Max fully expecting a “not in a million years” kind of response, to have my life turned on its head with a shocking “yes” – cue 30 minutes of hysterical crying because I couldn’t believe it, followed by 2 days of shocked panic of “omg I need to get together 2k to make this happen, and then some extra.” Well it’s been one thing after another with vet fees for poorly dog and then the loss of a dog, desperate need for a new bathroom is setting us back a pretty penny, ongoing costs of running a household and funding the lifestyle of home ed, doesn’t leave us much wiggle room at the moment, which is frustrating me no end.

I think mostly because I don’t really have spare funds to go pay for lessons and hack outs like I used to as all that spare cash is being squirreled away and if I’m not at the yard doing something productive it feels like a total intrusion to just go up to see him everyday to spend some time with him. It’s tough, I can’t wait until I can see him everyday for as long as I want, be able to brush and bath and teach him things, go for rides, school, bond and just enjoy each other’s company.

More than anything in the world I would love a house, in the country, with a couple of stables and a few acres with the paddock right outside the house where I can have Max and another pony at least for company as well as some lovely bridleways and access to decent hacking out space. Oh to live the dream…

My friend who works at the yard did send me this mobile snap of him just the other day hanging out with his best mate. They’re adorable together!


He’s just, in my humble opinion, the best horse in the world. It’s going to happen Max, we’re half way there mate, I was hoping we’d be closer by now, but life happens and oh…yeah, we did have to buy a new washing machine too…I’d forgotten that.

I’m trying to stay distracted from the frustration of it all by working hard on a book I’m writing, but stress is NOT a good writing motivator, I tell you! Haha!

If anyone has any quick (legal!) money making schemes, I’m totally all ears! 😀

Haffy Addict!




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