Saddle is here and we had a fitting!

It’s finally here, it arrived earlier in the week but today was the first chance I got to get up to the stables to see Max and try it on him to see what the fit was like. I was actually really nervous about it wondering if it would be too large and then too narrow and all the usual. Anyway I nipped up to help out my friend today and my husband brought the saddle after he got off work and tacked Max up for me. In the process my foot got crushed completely by a 400kg+ Haflinger. Oh my god the pain. It wasn’t even my toes, but the top of my foot. I was dreading taking my boot off because walking on it was painful, but not excruciating. It’s very tender to touch and bruised but going to ice it and see how it is in the morning. My own fault for not paying attention, I know Max is an idiot in the stall and a clumsy git – I don’t know where my head was at.

Bruise along bottom of my toes and top of my foot >.< 

Anyway we did get him all tacked up to get a fit with and without the saddle pad. I should have done it myself but honestly with my foot I just wanted to make sure it fit – off his withers, nice even weight all round, no rocking and rubbing and cleared both his shoulders and his flanks. It’s a looong saddle, compared to an English for sure! Anyway, we tried it with and without the pad and adjustments were made as it was all too far forward at first, but it was trial and error as neither my husband or I have put on a Western before though we watched a ton of videos. I wish I’d taken more photos after we got it right because he does look amazing in it and we got him walking and trotting to make sure he moved ok with the new weight and also make sure there was no movement restriction. I do have to sit in it at some point, but the pain in my foot I wasn’t for trying to mount and dismount today. The saddle pas is perfect for an English saddle, but this bad boy, it appears not! I’m hanging onto it though because I have plans in the future to get a full contact saddle too and it will be lovely and thick and comfy to sit on with one of those!

Anyhoo here are some photos of him before we got it right and moved it back a little!



My friend’s little boy was up at the stables with her today and he’s a little sweetie, one of her horse babies has bad mud fever and needed sorting out, so armed with brush, hose and sudacrem she got to work whilst I watched the little man. He wanted to help with the sudacrem too but I think he ended up putting more on himself than the horse hahaha


He went for a ride too on a pony called Charlie and this little man, who’ll be 2 in a few days, is a natural, he’s already practicing riding trot and has an obvious love for horses, he was amazing to watch!17342005_10158508738030037_943409657_o

Before I tacked my boy up though I made sure to give him a good groom. it’s our special time together where we relax and enjoy spending time together and I find his itchy bits and scratch them and often if I stand in front on him and brush his neck and chest and scratch under his mane and on his withers he will rest his head over my shoulder and lean. I love it, it’s like a cuddle.


Until the next time!

Haffy Addict



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