A leisurely ride with friends.

So for Christmas last year I spent an age deliberating what to get my best friends eldest daughter as a gift, she was 12, 13 in January just past but mature and wise for her age and I have ZERO experience with teenagers, bar my own hazy and rather unruly past and that was quite a while ago. Beyond tech and art supplies (she’s a crazy good artist!), I’m never sure what “kids” are into these days. Then I had a brainwave as I recalled a brief conversation we had last summer when doing some photography and BINGO, I had an idea. I would pay for her to do some horse riding! D had mentioned last year that she loved horses and that she’d never ridden bar the odd pony on a beach or farm, so I just had to book her in to go on a little trek – a girl who loves horse ought to ride!

Well today was the day. Actually it was originally tomorrow and promptly forgot we’re at Crufts all day, so I had to rearrange, no hardship for D, it meant she got in the saddle sooner. I managed to book her in on Max too, which was special for me, as I love being able to share him with my friends and family. Granted he’s not really the best beginner in my opinion because of his rein snatching but he is otherwise, he’s a lovely ride and he is comfortable which I think it important and he does look after his rider well despite being forward and strong in the woods when hacking, he’s not too bad as a lead rein, but you can see the gleam of joy in his eye and wish to go more forward. Thankfully my other friend had a hack the next hour where she was using him as escort and there would be plenty of trotting and cantering for him to let loose with.


I decided to hop on Belle, she’s a 7yr old skewbald, a beautiful gentle girl whom I’ve never ridden before and she’s a wide girl for my wee hips and legs! I enjoyed myself though being able to be there with D and go steady and leisurely. It allowed me to use the free ride I’d earned too from helping at the yard on Wednesday past too.


In other news…I HAVE A SADDLE! Yippeee! A genuine Western Saddle and it’s coming all the way from Aberdeen down to me in Nottingham. If the post behaves itself it should be here on Monday. I. CANNOT. WAIT. I think it’s beautiful and the lady my husband bought it from for me, is a gem! She spent ages answering my husbands questions relayed through me (typical!) and took photos and then the box to fit it to post saga…she’s just ace and I can’t wait to get it to try it on Max and take some photos for her! She’s dying to see it on him, almost as much as me.


Isn’t it a thing of pure beauty!? I’m a wee bit in love with it. I can just see us on Summer days, tacking up and riding out, hopefully with some friends at times too and just enjoy our lives together. Out in the wilderness is where Max loves and to be able to do that comfortable and as securely as possible makes me so happy. Now to find him a lovely bridle (bitless of course) Any bitless western suggestions welcome, fire them in the comments with links would be ace!

Until the next time.

Haffy Addict



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