Tack and Rug Measuring plus a Visit.


It was a beautiful day today, blue skies, sun shining and would have been an amazing day to go for a hack, however, I’m trying to save all my pennies to pay for this chap right now, so no more until he’s mine, sadly. We went up to the yard to measure up his current saddle to get a rough idea of what we’re looking for in the second hand market, because after buying him, there is no way I’m affording a brand new saddle, so I want something that will fit or at least be adjusted to fit by a saddle fitter. As you all know, I’m looking at Western currently and the measurements are a little different. For example, Max’s current Paul Jones English Saddle has a 17″ seat which in a Western Saddle is the equivalent of 15″ – Also his girth measures 42″ for his English Saddle, but the equivalent for a Western Cinch is 32″ Fascinating. Now I have his stirrups leathers length as well and just need to look into that and we’re all set! Well…except for trying one out to ride in to make sure it’s really for us. Soon!

After we took a stroll up to the big fields, we learned the horses have been turned back out into the grass pastures, which is great for them. Loads of space, grass to eat, less mud! When we got there, Mr Nosy was poking his head over the hedge, he must have heard us coming, it was lovely to see him reaching for us for a fuss (and to mug us for any treats we might have had- alas none – sorry mate!)


We had lots of cuddles and rubbed him down and scratched some itches and couldn’t help thinking, I can’t wait to start working on liberty with him and teaching him agility at liberty and going for rides together and just spending lots of time enjoying each others company and strengthening our bond and friendship. Not just mine either. He’s very fond of my husband too, in fact, Max and I are close but if I was judging, I’d say he may favour him slightly more… Then there is our daughter.


L is going to be 3 this April and she adores all horses, but Max has become a big part of her life through me and she often talks about him and asks me “Do you miss your Max?” It’s about one of the cutest things. He’s a big dope and can be a bit rude and bargy on the ground and clumsy with his feet, but he’s much more stationary and gentle when he sees L around his feet and likes to sniff her a LOT. They’re pretty damn cute together and when she is bigger I’m sure she will ride on him too.


He’s one of the most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen. I’d never seen a Haflinger in the flesh before I met Max and I may be totally biased because he stole my heart, but just look at him (past the dirt!) I’m going to attempt to grow that mane out into luscious Haffy locks once more, but we’ll see how it goes. He did suit a cool little Mohawk when he was hogged, but I’m a hairy kinda gal and if it’ll grow and be semi-trained, then I think he’ll look a million bucks with golden tresses!

As we were leaving he followed us along the hedgerow, which made me not want to leave at all, then called out to us with a rather loud whinny – I like to think he was saying “cheerio” and not “where are you going? come back!”

Another of our favourite little ponies surprised us today, he’d also found his way up to the grass fields and came to say hi. God I miss him loads! Mr Chuckles was L’s loan pony for a few months until she decided she didn’t want to ride as often and would rather hang out with the girls on the yard. Man, threenager or what? He wanted some scratches and tickles and I was more than happy to provide them. He’s a wicked little dude. Just look at that adorable face! L was taking some fallen hay over to him to feed him, she likes to care for him but not ride, so it’s always nice that when he hears us around he makes an effort to come and see us and vice versa. Stay naughty Chuckles, you wouldn’t be you if you weren’t up to something a bit cheeky!

Haffy Addict!



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