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Well, this month has been a riot. Between turning 31, losing my beloved rescue dog just a few days after and the most virulent PLAGUE Pathogen invading our house, it’s been a non-starter for pretty much everything and anything! We’re only just “recovering” now.

Today has been filled with horse love and joy however, which improves everyone’s mood right? Even if it’s blowing a gale on the top of the hill, wet, muddy and absolutely freezing? Well I think so and enjoyed myself. Fresh air was much needed and nothing makes me feel better than being around the horses.

A friend of mine is looking for a loaner for her beautiful young Irish Draught Mare. She’s a beautiful girl, as un-marish as they come and not spooky or silly despite her rising 4. Today she decided was the day she’d just prove us all wrong and behave like a spooky filly! *eyeroll* So typical! Not the best behaved, but she wasn’t silly as such, just not herself, but we think the rather windy conditions and being off work for a while had her a bit fizzy and unsettled. I just hope her potential loaner goes to see her again on another day before making a final decision, because she is wonderful, but today was a total off day. At least she saw her at her worst she’s ever been! Nobody could have been accused of doping her today, that’s for sure haha!


Beautiful moving mare when she has her work head on, but being green she needs lots of training and schooling still to really bring her on and get the best out of her, but I tell you what, when she’s trained up, she’s going to be a firecracker in the show ring! A mare to watch for sure.

We had a fuss with some pretty Donkey’s today as well and they were on top form playing and breeding, so may be some little donkeys in a few months. Now THAT was distracting, especially for my friends mare who’s not too keen on them at the best of times. We liked them though, such fuzzy cuties.



I also went and made friends with the most gorgeous little colt I’ve ever seen. Ok, to be fair, I’ve not actually met any colts ever, this little baby was a sweetie though. Who doesn’t love an Appaloosa? Isn’t he gorgeous?


He was all about loves and fusses and not at all fazed by the barbs or electric fence. Typical hardy little pony in a jacket…He’s a wee beauty though with a lovely personality, he has got to be someones pride and joy. We were all really taken with him and his pretty little self. Typical nosey pony colt though, nose straight in the camera to see what it was and if he could eat it.


Once we dropped the girls back home, we went up to the yard my Max is at. He’s lame again I’ve heard. It’s never ending ,this has been on and off since Christmas. It doesn’t seem to be really bad, it’s not obvious seeing him move around the field that I noticed, but bad enough they have him out of work again is my understanding. I don’t know what I’m going to do with him or what my plan should be at the moment. I’m going to get some vet and farrier advice to see what they think but I’m tempted to strip him of his shoes, transition him to hoof boots and work on giving his feet a rest if he can manage it for a couple of months or so and see what happens with intensive hoof care and treatment as it’s been said he has bad feet and when he drops a shoe he gets insta-lame? I just want what’s best for Max, but I’m willing to try and work with his feet to make them better for him in the long run if it won’t totally cripple him – hence the vet and farrier advice.


He is also one muddy Haflinger, his paddock, as you can see, is pure mud and he loves to roll. As soon as the weather is warmer he is having a bloody good bath and coconut oil in his feed and slathered all over his mane, tail, hooves, coat – all of every. A good pampering session is in order as soon as possible. I’m off to do my research on feeds and natural supplements to improve feet, coat and skin condition whilst helping him work and build muscle and lose fat. Feel free to throw some suggestions at me in the comments and bear in mind he’s 16yrs, 17yrs old in May.


My lovely friend having cuddles with my handsome man, he’s such a funny loving boy and even though he’s almost 17 and a gelding, he’s still very playful and you’ve got to love it. I can’t wait to start liberty training with him and working on bitless bridle work and just strengthening our bond and connection. Not long now (I hope!)

See you soon handsome man ❤

Haffy Addict!



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