A Day of Devastation.


Yesterday I woke to unexpected heartbreak. My old lady rescue dog had collapsed and couldn’t move. We rushed her to the vet, but she died in my arms in the boot of our car before we got there. They couldn’t revive her. The vet’s couldn’t tell us the cause and we chose not to have an autopsy performed after we did it a few years ago for another of our dogs and it yielded nothing: No closure. Last time our dog was only 14 months when she dropped dead in the garden, otherwise perfectly healthy, we NEEDED answers. It’s no easier to bear this time despite her being an older girl, this dog was my soul mate. It might sound ridiculous and far-fetched but the moment I laid eyes on this girl 6 years ago I knew she was my dog; Destiny, Fate, Karma, Kismet whatever you call it was definitely at work.


I saw a photo, 6 months prior to her being adopted by us and I felt this indescribable pull. I was drawn to her sad eyes, beautiful face and most of all this gorgeous smile. I looked at her photos several times a day for 6 months until my husband relented and a wild set of events took place. We connected instantly and that bond only increased over the years as we got to know each other. She helped me with foster animals, day care clients, hand rearing puppies and when our daughter was born. Of all our dogs, Yuna was the only one who doted on Lizzie completely from birth until the day Yuna passed, she was her best friend, her guide, her play mate and faithful companion, as she was mine. My daughter has lost her first true friend and I’ve lost my soul mate.


I feel so privileged to have had her in my life these last 5-6 years. She’d been through a lot before she came to us and I vowed she’d never know hardship or unkindness ever again and I like to think I lived up to that as best I could. She always had home comforts, a warm place to snuggle, good food and care and tennis balls to play with (her very favourite!)

I’ll never be able to replace her, ever, she was the rarest of the rare and will always have a piece of my heart and soul missing. The pain will dull, the hole will remain.

I hope anyone reading will understand if we don’t post in a wee while. I don’t feel like adulting or doing much of anything at the moment. Too raw. Tune in soon, I’ll be back and on track with our progress with Max.

Haffy Addict



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