First Hack in a while.

It was AMAZING! With saving every little bit of extra cash I have, to squirrel away to pay for Max, I have had to stop lessons and recreation riding on a regular basis. It sucks. It's really hard not being at the stables as regularly as I was when I had him on loan and... Continue Reading →

Buying a Horse…

Is clearly not as simple as you first may think, honestly, just getting the money together for the fee can be a total nightmare as I've found out. As you all probably know, I asked about Max fully expecting a "not in a million years" kind of response, to have my life turned on its... Continue Reading →

A leisurely ride with friends.

So for Christmas last year I spent an age deliberating what to get my best friends eldest daughter as a gift, she was 12, 13 in January just past but mature and wise for her age and I have ZERO¬†experience with teenagers, bar my own hazy and rather unruly past and that was quite a... Continue Reading →

Vet Checks: Inspection Day!

Big day at Max's yard today, Riding School Inspection. It involved making sure everything was in good safe working order and vet checks for all the horses. I volunteered my services the other week as I wanted to be there for my boy and was only too glad to muck in and help things run... Continue Reading →

Just visiting

Well, this month has been a riot. Between turning 31, losing my beloved rescue dog just a few days after and the most virulent PLAGUE Pathogen invading our house, it's been a non-starter for pretty much everything and anything! We're only just "recovering" now. Today has been filled with horse love and joy however, which... Continue Reading →

A Day of Devastation.

Yesterday I woke to unexpected heartbreak. My old lady rescue dog had collapsed and couldn't move. We rushed her to the vet, but she died in my arms in the boot of our car before we got there. They couldn't revive her. The vet's couldn't tell us the cause and we chose not to have... Continue Reading →

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